Patrocinio Lodge


Habitaciones de Patrocinio

Staying at the Patrocinio Lodge after a long day of adventures in connection with nature is an unforgettable experience, resting in a cozy cabin in the woods while the song of the crickets gets you relaxed... Get up with the sun, listen to the music played by an infinity of birds that will make you wake up rested and renewed for a new day of adventure.

Each of the 9 comfortable and cozy rooms in the reserve have a large private bathroom and hot water, bedding and comfortable atmosphere. Patrocinio Lodge is located on the edge of the forest surrounded by gardens with flowers and tropical fruits.
The lodge is built with local materials that grow in the Patrocinio Nature Reserve. The original house with vernacular architecture style, was built mainly of cedar and has been renovated to blend with its natural environment.

Our electricity is generated by means of a small central hydroelectric power plant that works with the rivers of the reserve.
A perfect itinerary integrates a good night's rest in your adventure! We care about all the details and our dedicated attention to our customers is becoming our distinctive brand.



Lodge Casa Patronal


Lodge Casa Del bosque