History and interesting facts


Patrocinio Reserve belonged to the religious order of the Jesuits until the 1870´s, when the change of ownership of property was abruptly triggered by the change of policy of the liberal government of Guatemala, so it was not allowed to keep the land to religious orders .

Natural disasters

In 1902 Patrocinio suffered a natural disaster due to the birth of the Santiaguito volcano, which today is one of the most active volcanoes in the world ... In 1929 a quarter of the property under sponsorship was buried under seven meters of smoking volcanic ash and rocks of the explosive and young Santiaguito Volcano.

Nowadays the Reserve is covered with leafy forests, embraced by magnificent rivers and surrounded by landscapes that take you to the infinite night sky.


The Private Nature Reserve Patrocinio is part of a private farm and a family business committed primarily to the conservation of the environment. Within it's distribution area, a little over 140 hectares of which 65% are dedicated exclusively to production while the rest are the forests surrounding the plantations such as macadamia, tropical fruits, coffee, cocoa organic and avocado.

Patrocinio Reserve is between 800 and 850 meters above sea level and receives an average annual rainfall of 4,500 mm of which are dropped during the rainy season between April and December. 

The reserve has its own water treasures that come from the Concepción, Tambor, Pringador and Dolores rivers, as well as several births that are within the reserve.