Patrocinio Reserve


Patrocinio Reserve offers a place full of unique experiences such as knowledge of rural culture, spectacular landscapes for nature photography, amazing viewpoint to watch the Santa Maria and Santiaguito volcanoes, camping, bird watching tower, relaxation in our pool of mountain water, connection with nature while walking through our virgin forests, knowledge of exotic crops, adventure and adrenaline in our canopy circuit, cafeteria and comfortable lodging ...

Guatemala is on the list of the 19 mega diverse countries in the world and has fourteen life zones, ranging from mangrove forests, subtropical and tropical forests, cloud forests, wetlands and pine forests. Patrocinio private nature reserve is located on the fertile plain of volcanic land that stretches along the Pacific coast and contains a thriving rainforest subtropical forest ecosystem spanning more than 300 acres that offers shelter to many species of animals and plants that in addition to being endemic, are in danger of extinction.









From 7:00 a.m. a 8:00 p.m. Monday to Sunday.

The coffee, macadamian nuts, honey and organic cocoa that you can enjoy in Patrocinio are on sale in our restaurant so you can take a little of our flavor and remember your delicious meals in Patrocinio back home.

Patrocinio productos

  •  Coffee
  •  Chocolate bars
  •  Macadamia
  •  macadamia oil
  •  Malanga chips
  •  honey bee
  •  Chokadamia