Patrocinio´s Reserve staff


Conoce a parte de nuestro staff

Marta Angélica Chay Chilón

Marta is 19 years old. She comes from a village called Aldea de San Luis San Sebastían Retalhuleu and works at the Cafeteria El Mirador supporting our kitchen staff and customer service like taking orders and offering beverages. One of the things that characterizes her is that she is a proactive person who is always willing to offer support... "I like to work in the Reserve because it is a pleasant work environment where every day you learn something new" - Marta.

Rosalba Mariela Vásquez Rivera

Native from a village called Aldea San Marcos del Palmar Quetzaltenango, Mariela is a young women that at her short age of 18 years old, she has many wishes for improvement and many skills to achieve it. She is currently part of the customer service team at Cafetería El Mirador, where she is in charge of quality control in the kitchen and customer service. She is also in charge of ​​Patrocinio Lodge together with Rufina and Marta. "We arrived at Reserva Patrocinio because of our parents, and during the last year Patrocinio Reserve gave us the opportunity to train us to provide a better service to our visitors every day and keep learning from every situation. I think the Reserve is a place full of opportunities and the also provides us with benefits such as housing, electricity and water "- Mariela.

Sergio Vásquez Churunel

Sergio has been living and working in the Reserve for more than sixteen years. Married and father of eight children, he manages to balance family life with his administrative duties. His dedication to his work motivates him to constantly seek opportunities to attend professional development courses in the nearby city of Retalhuleu. He is well informed about all the production that takes place in the reserve. His philosophy is "... produce, while protecting our natural resources ..." He also believes that, "If you cut a tree, you must plant fifteen.."

Jeremias Huinac Lopez

Jeremias is 32 years old and he´s native from Xolwitz Candelaria zone in Retalhuleu. His father is a stone road builder. He has been for more than 12 years at the Reserve, he is married and father of four kids. Jeremias is in charge of giving maintenance to all the agricultural machines that are used in the reserve. His duties include mainly the organization of the coffee harvest and quality supervision in the process of perfecting the harvested coffee. It is also responsible for the maintenance of the hydraulic system that produces the electricity for the facilities of the reserve, in addition   he ensures that fresh water is always available. "The reserve has taught me all this knowledge, I have also received courses on the management of this system," he says. When he talks about his work in the Patrocinio Reserve, one can not help being deeply moved by his connection with the land around Patrocinio.

José Antonio Chay Sarat

José Chay comes from a village called Aldea San Luis San Sebastían Retalhuleu. He started working at Patrocinio Reserve as fiel caporal and now he has decided and has been trained to be one of our tour guides. "I came to the Reserve as anyone in need of a job opportunity ... What I like about Reseva is the great opportunity for improvement that they have given me through training, my family and I are in the Reserve since 3 years ago and enjoy the comforts that give us as a house, light and water to live "- José Chay

Rufina Sarat Huox

Rufina is from the area of El Palmar Quetzaltenango, she started at the field collecting products, now is part of the team responsible for tourism and hospitality at Patrocinio Reserve. "My passion is to provide the best service to visitors both domestic and foreign" - Rufina... Despite of being a shy woman at first sight, is a woman who, apart from being a mother of 2 children, is an excellent cook in Cafeteria El Mirador and is also in charge of the Patrocinio Lodge area.

Paulino Chuvac Monterroso

The oldest member of the Reserve staff, Paulino is very knowledgeable about the reserve, its history, its fauna, its geography and its plantations. He is a passionate guide that inspires visitors to want to learn more. He has lived in Patrocinio Reserve for more than fifteen years and hopes to stay until the end of his days there, if his boss allows it. Paulino is constantly inspired by what the earth produces. He sees a lot of future in these lands. "Everything that the plant grows easily and with great benefits," he says. "The Reserve also employs many members of the neighboring community."